Olympiad Test Series

Practice Papers of Mathemetical Skills and logical Reasoning

Welcome to your 01 Reasoning

1. Which of the following figures will replace (?) to complete the given figure series?Deselect Answer
2. __________ is the fattest boy and _______ is the thinnest boy.Deselect Answer
3. Identify the rule followed in the number series given below.Deselect Answer
4. Deselect Answer
5. Which is the next figure?Deselect Answer
6. If sky is called ‘earth’, ‘earth’ is called ‘planet’ and planet is called ‘sun’, then stars shine in the _______Deselect Answer
7. If “leg” is called “nose”, “nose” is called “eye”, “eye” is called “lips”, then a person walks with the help of?Deselect Answer
9. Which line is the longest?Deselect Answer
10. Find the odd one out:Deselect Answer
11. Study the given figures and find which one is the right option:Deselect Answer
12. 5th Ball is after Ball ___________Deselect Answer
14. Anjali had some cherries as shown belowDeselect Answer
15. Select a figure from the options which will complete the pattern in Figure (X).Deselect Answer
16. Which is the next figure?Deselect Answer
18. Which one of the following is the biggest tree?Deselect Answer
19. Out of four dinosaurs, one got lost. How many dinosaurs are left now?Deselect Answer
20. Which mango is the smallest?Deselect Answer